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Frostburn Studios is committed to providing the necessary information to help you build a great statistical web tool for your readers. To use the Statistics API requires that you first have a unique token keyed to your IP address. If you do not already have one, get your token.

If you have forgotten your token use the token lookup at the bottom of this page.

To access statistics requires knowledge of RESTful API which you can get at many places on the web. A good place to start is Wikipedia.

Only one token per IP address is allowed.

To get information requires formated queries submitted via Urls. This can be done using Curl in PHP. The HoN API only allows display actions in the form of GET requests. Requests are rate limited, meaning there is a specific number of requests we will allow over a brief period of time. Remember to replace spaces in your request with a "%20". Requests will look something like this:

Here is the specific information you may request:

Player Statistics

Hero Statistics

Match History





Note that the multi_match controller will allow up to 25 match submissions at a time. Take advantage of this leverage and find a way to gather stats efficiently.

If you've received a token, but subsequently lost it, you can look it up here:

Token Lookup
Enter IP address: